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Watch Battery Replacement

We have trained professionals on site to replace batteries in all types of watches.  Even the most delicate of timepieces can be trusted with us as we've done it for over 80 years.  Have a diving watch?  We can even pressure test it to ensure that it's been sealed properly.

Can't make it to our shop or don't live in our area?
We offer battery replacement service by mail.  Get your watches running from the comfort of your own home today!

  1. Simply fill out the form to the right. Indicate that you'll be sending your watch and include a tracking number if possible.  Be sure to include your name, phone, email and address with the watch(es).
  2. Once we receive your package we will confirm by email/phone and inspect the pieces.  Your batteries will be replaced immediately. The timepieces will then be verified by our expert watchmakers to ensure that they are fully opertaional.
  3. We will confirm by email or phone that your watches have been completed and are working.  If there are any issues we will notify you at this time.  An detailed invoice will be forwarded to you by email.
  4. Once we receive payment, your watch(es) are then returned to you via USPS within a few business days.

Note: Battery replacement standard rate $12.50.  Some watches require special batteries, replacement seals and or pressure testing.  If your battery replacement service costs more than the standard rate we will contact you prior to performing work for your approval.  There is a $6.50 cancelation fee to cover inspection and return shipping / handling.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged items during transit.  Please insure / package shipments accordingly.


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